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CFFI surpasses our nursery goal!

Our seedling nursery is now complete with an upgraded roof and overflowing with plants. Our original goal was to get started with 200 seedlings and we're now at 682 and adding more every week!

We plan to start experimenting with grafting this month, and with success we should have our first batch of plants for sale in February or March.  Grafting is a very precise technique and we will need many seedlings to experiment with and perfect our skills.

We're also experimenting with different strategies to run a successful, organic nursery. This includes trying out new methods of soil sterilization, using natural willow extract in place of chemical-based rooting hormones.

Yesterday we got a visit from Ms. Daryl Eberhardt, a frequent visitor to Grenada from Canada.  Ms. Eberhardt helped us plant the first two trees from the nursery out on our land.

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