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CFFI directly supports Grenada's cocoa growers.
Buy a cocoa tree, support a farmer!

Grenada's cocoa growers are a diminishing demographic due to the extraordinarily difficult conditions under which they grow and transport their small acre crops. The next generation of farmers is leaving the cocoa trees behind in search of better working conditions and livable wages. By purchasing a cocoa tree, you are supplying these farmers with a source of income that will last for years to come, providing incentive for families to stay on their land, and protecting a rare and valuable resource.

Your purchase donation includes:

  • a cocoa tree

  • transportation to a farm

  • organic planting compost

Thank you!


Your donation will aid the cocoa growers of Grenada, stewards of the island's unique ecosystem, and support sustainable agricultural practices. 

For every $25 you donate, CFFI will deliver 2 organic cocoa tree saplings to one of the thousands of independent cocoa growers in Grenada.

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