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Our Newest Members to the CFFI Team

There are lots of reasons to have donkeys on a farm, and we're so excited to have Cocoa Bean and Cocoa Belly join us!

Cocoa Belly (named for her big belly)

Dorise and good friend Suzanne went to Cariacou, an island northeast of Grenada, where many wild donkeys live. On the trip, they adopted a beautiful donkey pair and found transportation via ferry for the donkeys to make their way across the water to their new home in Grenada.

Cariacou, as seen from Grenada.

Five wonderful ways donkeys help us:

1.) CFFI is launching a new composting program this year, and manure will be a huge part of what makes it successful.

2.) They eat unwanted grass on farms, which cuts down on human labor to remove it.

3.) They are protective of the land, so when unwanted guests like pigs intrude, donkeys drive them off.

4.) Grenada is a hilly island, so the donkeys will play a big part in helping transport nutmeg and cocoa down the hills on selling days.

5.) Donkeys bring joy! Children from all over the neighborhood are making friends with Cocoa Bean and Cocoa Belly.

Cocoa Bean and Cocoa Belly safely on the ferry.

A last piece of news: it's not that Cocoa Belly has a big belly because she eats too much grass—it's that she's pregnant! Cocoa Bean and Cocoa Belly will be joined by a little donkey foal after a full 12-month gestation period. We can't wait to welcome the newborn. Stay tuned!

Barbara welcoming Cocoa Bean to Grenada.

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